Who we are

Exploring Choices provides specialist consultancy and training services to support those working in children’s services and schools.  Our number one aim is to help those working with children make the most informed and reasoned decisions based on the latest evidence to improve the lives of all children and young people, especially the most vulnerable.

Our team has a huge range of experience working in children’s services and we work with many partner organisations to give us support in a wide range of areas  including consultancy, training, project management, interim management and marketing and communications.

The Government, ADCS, SOLACE, LGA and Department for Education recognise that the very best practitioners are the best people to support improvement. The management team of Exploring Choices was instrumental in leading the first national programme to establishing peer to peer support. We established a cycle of evidence, best practice, dissemination and evaluation to create a peer to peer model with any group of like-minded organisations.  

Peer to peer is underpinned by ensuring practitioners are released by their leaders with an endorsement that their practice is the best. Exploring Choices provide change management training, brokerage and evidence to support confidential hypothesis. The supporter and the supported both improve their practice.

Professional dialogue, evidence, best practice and a safe and secure learning environment leads to improvements for children.

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