Our Services for Supporting Schools:
Consultancy and training to help

Raising standards  
Change management  
Empower people

If the practice we deliver to our most needy and vulnerable children meets their individual needs all children thrive and develop at a pace. We have worked tirelessly to ensure the integration of children with severe and complex needs into their community schools.

Understanding child development, access to learning and equal opportunity are bedrocks for all children to excel.

Our Support for Children Services
Consultancy, training and service delivery
Population groups
Children 0-3

Vulnerable families- (EI and P)
Children 5-19
Children living in poverty
Trouble families

Sector led improvement
Peer to peer programmes
Self evaluation
Mentoring and support
Relationship with schools

Knowing the quality of your service
Performance management systems
Self assessment
Social return on investment
Test of assurance
      Our offer for Social Enterprise
      Consultancy, training and service delivery

      Teen parents
      Babies development
      Retail and Community Enterprises