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Change management, helping establish school improvement strategies for sustainable improvement of performance for all schools working in the most challenged communities

The Leadership and management of a school set the standards of aspiration for all who cross the threshold. All staff are leaders, and through consultation and collaboration sustainable improvement can be achieved in every school. We have designed improvement strategies for schools across the country building on their existing strengths, and sharing best practice. We provided challenge and support to remove 40 failing schools from category; and ensured those schools that were vulnerable to changing bench marks and helped improved the standards.  Assessment is key for staff and children, to know how well you are performing, where you are strong and where weaknesses can be supported. 

Improve self evaluation by understanding the community context and culture through deep analysis of data, intelligence and knowledge of children and families needs in the context of the school.

Quantitative and qualitative data from education, health, social care, housing and the police help us to understand the community that a school serves. Families and children share their daily lives with teachers, teaching assistants and others that provide a support service. Yet too often the intelligence is kept in silos.

We help leaders understand the issues, and barriers for children to access and thrive in the school provision. The clear analysis of information provides excellent intelligence to support the needs of families. In turn, children’s needs are met through access to the right education with the right support at the right time helped children accelerate their progress and improve standards of attainment. Working with parents and the community is an essential pre-requisite for success.

For example, In Derbyshire we worked with the Education Action Zone to create alternative provision to engage, motivate and support attainment for the 40 schools in the cluster.

Empowering people to change

Support the development of high trust and confidence to explore alternative approaches to teaching and learning.

Too often leaders in positions of authority can damage the confidence and self esteem of colleagues they work with. We have worked with a great number of staff to raise the quality of teaching and learning in 40 schools that have been deemed to be failing the children in their care. Improvements are achieved through:

  •  establishing a common vision,
  • designing a supportive strategy,
  • developing nested goals,
  • appropriately resourced development plans,
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • staff development

Teachers improve the quality of learning. Energetic and visionary leadership, inspired by a strong sense of moral purpose, is critical. Together we can prevent failure and raise the quality from good to outstanding; satisfactory and poor to good or better.

Transform policy initiatives to practical deliverable day to day work.

As adults we are always expecting practitioners to take policy and change practice overnight. We are all different, some of us can read a technical document and implement requirement, others need a toolkit to support method and understanding and some of us need to experience firsthand learning with colleagues to discuss, prompt and praise. Doing more of the same gives us more of the same.We have written training materials, designed products, created stepping stones to implement large policy changes by being flexible, understanding need and how something will be used in the daily work pattern of a colleague.Our  style allows colleagues to take the requirements so they can: 
  • explore, 
  • translate, 
  • create, 
  • own, 
  • deliver, 
  • celebrate

Facilitate partnership working by brokering support, knowledge, tools and skills to build the capacity to improve performance.

Schools are complex large organisations, with the right staff in place, an appropriate creative curriculum can be designed. The learning needs to be personal, real, exciting, and significantly stimulate passion, awe and wonder. 

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